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My process is a meditative and transformative journey. As I explore the textures, colors, and shapes within the layers of paint, I discover new possibilities for expression and creativity. The act of slicing through the palettes and rearranging the paint pieces feels like excavating hidden treasures, revealing the hidden history and potential within each fragment.


Nature inspires and informs my work, as I seek to capture the organic flow and patterns that exist in the world around us. From the fluidity of water to the intricate formations of earth and sky, I aim to reflect the beauty and complexity of nature in my sculptures. Through this exploration, I find a sense of meaning and purpose, connecting the past, present, and future through the transformative power of art.


In my commitment to sustainability and the environment, I utilize discarded paintings and paint as additional materials in my artwork. These remnants, which may otherwise be considered waste, become essential building blocks in my creative process. By reusing and repurposing these materials, I aim to promote a more environmentally conscious approach to art-making.

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